Call for solidarity after Irma

irmaAfter this unprecedented disaster in the West Indies which has severely hit the islands of Saint Martin and Saint-Barthélémy, solidarity is being organised. An association called «Aide Artisan Shop St MARTIN IRMA 2017» was very quickly created. It does not request financial participation, but the hardware to help artisans in the urgent reconstruction of infrastructure and domestic facilities for the 2 islands. MECATRACTION was the first company from the Group to establish a link with the association which forwarded its needs for the electrical field:

- Electrician’s screwdriver -3G1.5+3G2.5 cables

- 16, 20, 25 Sheaths - 1.52 +2.52 +62 and 162 conductors

- 32+20 mouldings - Flush boxes - Adhesive tapes - 3/4 entry quick connection terminals

- Earthed sockets -E27 bulbs

- Electrical boards with circuit breaker, EDF counter and circuit breaker plate

- Voltage testers, current clamps, cable locators - Flashlights + batteries

- 4-socket site switchboards.

CATU has also responded favourably to this initiative. The link to the association and its email address are available to the subsidiaries which could provide their assistance. A humanitarian and solidarity cause that the SICAME Group will follow closely.