DUVAL MESSIEN Land Improvement Products: TEREC sales move up a gear in 2018

After several years of effort, DUVAL MESSIEN won (in December 2017 and January 2018), for the Indian Telecoms market, an order for 12 x 12 tonne containers of TEREC, i.e. 144 tons of earth improvement products (for an amount greater than € 200 k - the last container was delivered at the March 2018). 

Another order of 6 containers may be finalized during the second half of the year for the same customer. TEREC is also specified for other major and equivalent projects in India and the Middle East. 

A great deal of effort has been required by many departments for the negotiation of raw materials and shipping costs, the organization of production and delivery of the product in record time. 

In conjunction with SICAME in Poland, DUVAL MESSIEN is trying to sell TEREC to several other major players. The product is currently being certified, which should be completed soon. 

Conducive earth enhancement products could be an important market for all sensitive facilities on difficult land.