Group Human Resources Training in the harmonization of payroll methods

At the end of 2017, one of the Group's first internal HR training courses addressed the use of payroll software. After several months of preparation in collaboration with Laure LEGER, in charge of HR training, a workshop on the theme of the payroll cycle was held at the premises of SM-CI in Evreux, bringing together the payroll managers from the French subsidiaries. In addition to improving use of the software, this meeting was an opportunity for the various participants to discuss and share business experience. Meetings of this type tend to harmonize the collective management of this activity within the Group.


From left to right: M. Khennouf DERVAUX, L. Léger SICAME Group France, C. BAILLE CEGERS TOOLS, S. Brasseur CATU, N. Sarcou SICAME, MP. Wallart DERVAUX DISTRIBUTION, N. Charles SM-CI, F. Lavergne & S. Devaux POLE FOUDRE, C. Renaudie MECATRACTION.

Group Human Resources