Intergroup tournament, always with fair play and team spirit

The SICAME Group’s 7th badminton tournament (women’s doubles) and 15th football tournament (mixed) took place on 13 May in Blanes, in the outskirts of Barcelona, in the colours of the «SICAME Foundation».

14 companies participated this time: MECATRACTION / DERVASIL / SICAME UK / SBI-SUPERSAFE / SBU FOUDRE / CATU / DERVAUX / DERVAUX DISTRIBUTION / DERVASIL / SM-CI / SICAME. This year, SEIFEL and CLAVED joined the tournament which was held only a few weeks after their entry in the group.
The organisers welcomed SEIFEL with pleasure, who put forward a football team and 2 badminton teams, as well as CLAVED, who had a football team and a CLAVED/SEIFEL mixed team in badminton.
There was also a surprise guest from SICAME China, Mrs Jade JIA, based in Nantong, who took part in the badminton tournament.
- In terms of results for the badminton, 15 teams faced each other in 48 matches, which were held in an afternoon. Bravo to the ladies for this performance.

The badminton final brought together the teams from MECATRACTION (holders of the title in 2016) and SICAME. The trophy changed hands once again because it was the team from SICAME who won this 2017 edition.
- For the football tournament, 11 teams took part in 36 matches, with the final, officiated by Pierre LACHAUD, which saw DERVAUX take on SBU FOUDRE.

DERVAUX took the lead and therefore won the 15th football tournament, SBU FOUDRE were runners-up and SICAME, who had mixed fortunes, came 3rd.
The 2 tournaments were held, like every year since their inception, in a convivial atmosphere and with perfect fair-play.

We look forward to the 2018 edition!