Group Treasurer 

Ahmad ADRA was appointed Group Treasurer in early January 2018. He has extensive treasury management experience in groups such as VALEO, DIRICKX and PRONUPTIA. His arrival follows the recent announcement of the new organization of Group Finance, and is in line with the strategy of the SICAME Group. 

Ahmad ADRA

Director of SM-CI 

Alain HUGON took over the management of SM-CI on 1 January 2018, replacing Catherine KANINKA who retired at the end of 2017. Alain HUGON will report directly to the Director of the Distribution SBU, Etienne LAUDE. Alain HUGON will continue to oversee the continuous improvement process for SICAME Industrie in Pompadour under the responsibility of Jérémy CHOFFAT. 


Group Industrial Auditor 

Phil BROWN, former Managing Director of SICAME UK, was appointed Group Industrial Auditor at the end of 2017, reporting to the Executive Committee. The goal is to analyse the industrial situation of the subsidiary in question (production, logistics, planning) and to provide support for the implementation of performance-improving actions. Each team can directly approach the industrial auditor for diagnostics and support. 


Management Controller 

Olivier DEJOUX joined the SICAME Group on April 23, 2018 as Management Controller of the Distribution SBU. Olivier has extensive management control experience in international industrial environments. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Marseille and also holds a Master in Business Administration from IAE, Lyon. 

Olivier DEJOUX