Reception at the Pompadour sites promoting solidarity and sport

PompadourAs each year, the traditional reception was punctuated by the speeches of the management teams of the local subsidiaries SICAME, MECATRACTION and the Group, but it was also an opportunity to present our two handisport athletes, Yannick and Valentin, who are hoping to participate in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Thus employees at the SICAME and MECATRACTION sites were therefore able to gauge the Group’s commitment to ethical and universal values in the service of humanity through its Endowment Fund, to which the local elected representatives are particularly sensitive. 

Of course, the gold connector awards have closed the official ceremony giving way to the party, which everyone appreciates as a Group tradition. Not forgetting to thank the SICAME and MECATRACTION Works Councils for organizing this event. 

SICAME Endowment Fund