SBI CONNECTORS is accredited as a Supplier of "GE GRID SOLUTIONS" Worldwide

On November 9, 2017, GE GRID SOLUTIONS conducted an audit of SBI CONNECTORS with excellent results (83% - A rating). SBI CONNECTORS has been accredited as a connector supplier for all GE (General Electric) GRID SOLUTIONS subsidiaries around the world. 

The audit was conducted at the request of the Finnish subsidiary of GE GRID SOLUTIONS, a customer managed by Ton VISSER from our office in Holland and with which he is currently working on a substation connector project for the NGC transport company in the UK. The accreditation of SBI CONNECTORS as a listed GE GRID SOLUTIONS supplier opens up opportunities for collaboration on projects belonging to GE GRID SOLUTIONS and its subsidiaries around the world. In this context, all Group subsidiaries can contact GE GRID SOLUTIONS in their respective countries and use the SBI CONNECTORS accreditation to access new potential projects.