SICAME AUSTRALIA is entering the renewable energy market with an innovative solar technology.

In Australia, solar energy is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to one of the best amounts of sunshine in the world. The country was, in 2016, the 9th largest in the world with 1.9% of installed power and a growth rate of 30 to 40% per year.

In this context, the Australian subsidiary of the Group has just reached a turning point by entering the market for the design and supply of equipment on the sector for the production of electricity from photovoltaic farms.
This new business is significant since it is outside of the traditional sector of electric power distribution networks and should give the company a new growth opportunity for the future, in parallel with its strong presence on the electricity market.

Despite the high concentration of solar panels on the private houses in Australia, the large-scale photovoltaic production market is still in its infancy. The major reasons for this situation are attributable to the costs of constructing and operating these production centres, and act as real inhibitors to their development.
SICAME AUSTRALIA, aware of the importance of the future growth of the photovoltaic production, has developed an innovative connector that uses insulation piercing technology allowing the designers and builders of these facilities significant savings, both on the products as well as their installation.

This technology is not new in this area, but the developed solution provides a real plus and should
accelerate the construction of solar farms all over Australia.

It is also expected that this development will lead to opportunities for other companies in the Group, such as SEIFEL and MECATRACTION.

The first contract for equipment has been signed for a solar farm that will be constructed in the Ross River region to the north of Queensland.
The innovative solutions provided by SICAME AUSTRALIA will allow the designers of these systems to provide maximum flexibility, giving them an advantage to establish themselves as a major partner for this emerging activity.

The solar farm market is experiencing strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region, with many projects already underway in Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, the Philippines and Australia.
The innovations already developed in Australia should be applied to other similar projects in this region of the world. This favourable context will be vector of growth for the Group in the very short term.