2019 is the centenary year for CATU

It was indeed in 1919, at the end of WWI, that the CATU adventure began. The company began selling wooden poles and hardware for bare low-voltage lines and, after EDF was founded in 1946, it also developed safety equipment. 

From its location in Bagneux, CATU grew into the company we know today during the 1950s. 

This was a unique opportunity to celebrate the centenary of a company that is still growing both in France and abroad, so CATU decided to celebrate 2019 in a number of ways. 

They started a programme in February that offers promotions for distributors every 6 weeks: the "10 for 100" campaign on a selection of products from each family (PPE, detection, tagout...) with discounts of 10% on catalogue prices for a very limited time. 

The centenary is also an opportunity to host an event for top customers and current and former employees, who have all helped to make this subsidiary what it is today. 

The celebration will take place at the historic site in Bagneux in mid-June and will start with a tour of the industrial site followed by a retrospective of the history of CATU and its products, topped off with a gala event in the evening. 

The next day, current and former employees will be invited to an afternoon of visits followed by a birthday party entirely dedicated to them. 

100 years