After the success of the F’CLIP, MECATRACTION has added to its offer with the T’CLIP, a solution for the equipotentiality of cable trays.

The F’CLIP was released one year ago and has seen considerable commercial success for the equipotentiality of wire cable trays without the need for tools.

Then in June of this year, MECATRACTION launched the T’CLIP. It works in precisely the same way but is suitable for sheet metal cable trays. This means that all types of cable tray have an equipotentiality and grounding solution via a 16 to 35 mm2 copper cablet fixed in place using the F’Clip and T’Clip solutions.

The two products are designed in accordance with a patented clip system that requires no tools, thereby dividing the installation time by 5!

Sales continue to increase in France and Benelux while results are expected soon for other European countries. Don’t forget that cable routing must comply with standard IEC 61537 in terms of continuity and equipotentiality.

In general, an equipotential bonding must be made every three metres.

Documentation available in French/English/German at:

Après le succès du F'CLIP, le T'CLIP complète l'offre MECATRACTION pour l'équipotentialité des chemins de câble