CATU launches a padlockable earthing clamp to protect installations

This innovative and unique solution protects installations by preventing the circuit-breaker being re-energised until the clamp is unlocked from its support. The system comprises an earthing clamp paired with a lockout padlock, both using the same captive key. This imposes a sequence for installing equipment during lockout as well as a disassembly sequence during the unlocking process. It is impossible to reenergize the system as long as the clamp is still in place. This situation can arise with multiple and remote systems. The padlock paired with the clamp supplements the usual lockout padlock fitted by the lockout supervisor. It is important to note that the solution is only a means of interlocking that mechanically blocks re-energising until the MALT/ MCC is removed. It should not be confused with the mandatory lockout rules made to protect operators during work performed under lockout as per French standard NF C 18-510 or standard EN 50110-1. A demonstration video is available on the website