CEPSI - 24-27 October 2016 - Bangkok

The CEPSI conference is held every year in Bangkok and focuses on the electricity sector in the western Asia Pacific region. The Group regularly takes part in this event that targets players and decision-makers in the electricity sector and representatives of manufacturers in the APAC region.

The Group often draws advantage of the event to showcase a specific product development or present an approach based on a specific product line. Currently, underground networks are a main area of interest in the APAC region.

Projects are already in progress in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, and thus make for a unique opportunity for the Group. With this objective in mind, SICAME’s stand has presented its underground ranges, drawing quite a lot of attention.

The Group also welcomed its new ‘Connex’ agents, who have close ties with the two leading local electric utilities MEA and PEA.

The Group is represented by Vincent Roy, Philippe Armand and members of the APAC RM.The Safety SBU also enjoyed good representation with continuous demos of CATU’s aluminium earthing systems and a new range of voltage detectors.