ECOFAST, an economical connection solution for public lighting

CONNECTION PROTECTION has added to its range with ECOFAST, a terminal box for public lighting.

ECOFAST is an economical solution offering a reliable connector with a one-piece terminal block. It can integrate up to 2 circuit breakers or a diffe- rential protection with automatic reset (IDS).

  • The connection makes the product particularly competitive, with its one-piece terminal block that can accommodate conductors up to 2x4x16mm2.
  • The block consists of 4 individual terminals fitted with a control light to check the position of the cable before tightening.
  • The block is raised slightly in the box to allow space for the lamp cable and is fixed to the casing by means of a central screw.
  • The grommet is lengthened to ensure better cable flow.

It goes without saying that ECOFAST is compliant with the NF EN 60439-1 and NF EN 60439-3 standards.

ECOFAST solution économique de raccordement pour éclairage public