Electronic ballast - CONNECTION PROTECTION: Demonstrating by example

In order to promote and ensure that technical departments have a better understanding of the principle of electronic ballast and management of public lighting, CONNECTION PROTECTION developed a case featuring a comprehensive demonstration of how its OPTIMA electronic ballast range works.

The device has been quite a hit with customers and turns commercial teams into experts, thereby increasing their value. In terms of sales, it’s a real asset that enables technical managers to have practical contact with the product in operation.

The range of controllable and adjustable electronic ballasts can be used, with no need to replace existing installations, to significantly improve their energy performance and make energy savings of up to 35% with an ROI of between 36 and 48 months.

OPTIMA ballasts replace ferromagnetic ballasts, and are simple to install and configure.

For a pre-determined period of time, the OPTIMA solution can autonomously lower the power of your public lights at night time so as to supply just as much lighting as is needed and to ensure the security of public places. A 60% decrease in luminosity at night time has no significant difference on lighting for residents and vehicles.

Ballast électronique CONNECTION PROTECTION : La démonstration par l'exemple