EMEA : E.ON Germany certifies the Pompadour factory

E.ON is the largest company in Germany, and it owns various companies in other countries across Europe.

The SICAME group, with its subsidiary HOHNE in Kaltenkirchen (Germany), has been supplying E.ON for a long time (even before E.ON was founded through a merger in 2000). It all began with the supply of LV junctions with resin and in early 2012 E.ON purchased 24 kV underground joints for the first time. The LV junctions with resin are produced entirely by HO?HNE, while the 24 kV medium-vol- tage joints are made in Pompadour with assembly carried out at HO?HNE, before being sent to various E.ON sites in Germany.

Since 2015, SICAME and HOHNE have been technically approved to distribute the entire range of high-voltage underground joints (10-36 kV, single-pole junction, derivation and transition) as well as interior and exterior push-on terminations made of silicone.

At the end of June 2016, E.ON came to the Pompadour factory for a quality audit. A few weeks before the visit, E.ON sent SICAME the audit plan and a long, detailed questionnaire on the various activities of SICAME Pompadour.

The quality audit was led by Ludovic Dupaquet alongside several colleagues and took place on 28 and 29 June 2016 in Pompadour.

The two-day audit covered all major services and processes (purchases, control of incoming goods, production schedules, all production processes including quality control at all levels, work environment and workplace safety, treatment of waste, product testing, R&D, product management, sales, customer satisfaction, human resources, etc.).

Following the audit, the two E.ON auditors (Mr. Ingo Lueders, E.ON supplies Technical Manager, and Mr. Timo Klein, Purchasing Manager and Global Category Manager) gave a highly positive definitive decision. They said that’d rarely done an audit with so few non-conformities (no major non-conformity was noted and only a few small changes need to be corrected).

E.ON then drafted an audit report specifying the overall positive remarks and the points that must be corrected. SICAME is working on the action plan which must be implemented within 6 months.

In the qualification letter opposite, E.ON has already listed SICAME Pompadour as a supplier that has successfully passed the audit (despite there being some actions that are still to be implemented, as discussed above).

A big thanks to the SICAME Pompadour team for their professionalism before and during this impo tant E.ON audit. This qualification certifies us as a supplier not only for Germany but for other E.ON subsidiaries in Europe too.

EMEA : E.ON Allemagne homologue l’usine de Pompadour