The Group is confirming its commitment and its human values

The Group's Human Resources, supported by General Management, participated with conviction and for the second time in the SEEPH (European Week for the employment of people with disabilities) proposed by the AGEFIPH (association of the fund for the integration of people with disabilities). For its first participation in 2018, days were organised around testimonials, meetings and exchanges between employees and several people with disabilities who had gone beyond their limits to achieve their goals and achieve their dreams, such as Yannick IFEBE, one of our two disabled athletes, and Maria DOYLE-CUCHE, an Irishwoman who became blind at the age of nine and managed to represent her country at Eurovision. 

In 2019, on the occasion of the 23rd edition of this European event from 18 to 24 November, the French sites: SEIFEL, CATU, SICAME, MECATRACTION, DERVAUX, DERVAUX DISTRIBUTION and DERVASIL were particularly active in organising a joint half-day on the theme of Disability in Business. 

The agenda included the intervention of 4 professionals who, during the 3 hours of their “surprising conference on disability awareness”, allowed the participants to have a different perspective on disability and to better take into account the reception of people with disabilities. The aim of this collective work is to create a progressive awareness of difference, to demystify disability, and to change reasoning and behaviour so that they are more natural and appropriate. The desire to favour humour above all through quirky role-playing, but always with goodwill and respect, is part of the approach. 

Furthermore, discussion workshops with “Mon Entreprise Est Une Scène” were organised throughout the week on the French sites (SEIFEL on the 12th, CATU on the 13th, DERVAUX-DERVAUX DISTRIBUTION-DERVASIL on the 14th, SICAME-MECATRACTION on the 15th). For the occasion, a booklet on the disability advisor within the SICAME GROUP France was distributed. Throughout the week, the considerable mobilisation of all staff was appreciated by the Group’s national Disability advisor, Sylvain MARSAUD. 

With its active participation in the 2019 European Week for the employment of people with disabilities, the Group is confirming its commitment and its human values