MECATRACTION provides DBI technology for the ENERGY OBSERVER

As part of the ENERGY OBSERVER project, CEA Liten retained the DBI solution to connect ENERGY OBSERVER’s power distribution that will use aluminium cables.

The performance and ruggedness of the DBI terminals associated with the DBI crimping developed by MECATRACTION allow for aluminium cables to be used in the harshest environments.

ENERGY OBSERVER is the first energy self-sufficient boat that generates no greenhouse effect gas emissions, powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, thanks to combined energy sources.

The project’s true innovation strength lies in making energies work together:

3 types of solar panels distributed across a surface area of 130m2, 2 vertical axis wind turbines, 1 traction kit and 2 reversible electric engines for hydrogeneration, to produce and store its own hydrogen on board, a world exclusive, thanks to the partnership with the CEA-Liten.

The ENERGY OBSERVER project is a unique opportunity to promote innovative energy solutions.

For MECATRACTION, it is also a technological showcase and further evidence of its innovative potential.

MECATRACTION products are already fitted out on the batteries undergoing testing, and soon, MECTRACTION teams will perform the crimping operations on the ship.