MVCC - first pilot project in India, a new stage in sheathed networks

The MVCC concept was launched in 2015 in India and today, it has been validated as a technological solution for MVCC lines. Accordingly, a pilot installation has been carried out in SILVASSA for the Electricity Board of Dadar & Nagar Haveli, in collaboration with APAR, an Indian cable partner. This is the first installation in India with sheathed conductors and accessories fully compliant with the EN 50397 standard. The sheathed conductor for the medium voltage network is the most appropriate for the In- dian environment considering its safer parameters in relation to insulation and clearances. The right of way is more difficult for public services, given the high population density in the big cities, the health of the environment and wildlife in forest areas. Currently, MVCC is being adopted, a system chosen to limit malfunctions in order to meet the challenges of operational maintenance. The project involves converting a one-kilometre section using sheathed conductors of the existing direct current distribution line of 11 KV with ACSR DOG bare conductor. This section passes through a village with frequent malfunctions due to interference from trees. The operator has accepted the recommendation of a sheathed conductor of equivalent configuration. The Sicame accessories used are manufactured by SICAME India. The other accessories used are all manufactured by SICAME in France.

Validation of the concept of the new MV technology distribution line in India, creates a good potential for the future for MVCC in the Indian market.