The new CATU site is online

Developed from the new PIMCORE database that makes it possible to update content in real-time and continually improve navigation, the new CATU site enables optimal visitor contact mining.

As a result, a new customer experience is now possible, thanks to the site's responsive technology (adapting to the size of the device screen) so that any screen (PC, tablet, smartphone) can be dis­played in 2 languages (FR/GB):

• simplified access to information on our products and services,

• clear and complete content (technical fact sheets, user’s notices, authorisations for use, brochures, videos, etc.),

• showcasing CATU innovations.

All showcased thanks to a more contemporary de­sign, an additional step in the Safety SBU digitisa­tion strategy.

View all the CATU references at:

A responsive site.