Our solidarity commitment to the public health crisis through the Endowment Fund

Remarkable mobilisation across the Group to fight COVID 19

Seeing the magnitude of the health crisis, the Group took the initiative very early on to offer its customers individual and collective health protection.

The subsidiaries’ resources contributed significantly to the operation’s success, with some of the equipment in the catalogue manufactured in-house at the Group, thanks to temporarily repurposed manufacturing facilities (SEIFEL, DERVAUX DISTRIBUTION, CATU, SICAME MAROC).

1% of the revenue from these sales was channelled to the Sicame Endowment Fund for donations to establishments and institutions engaged in the fight against Covid-19 (hospitals, nursing homes, food banks, police forces, fire-fighters, etc.), everywhere the Group operates. Thank you to France, Italy, Portugal, Canada, the USA, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and India, for all their donations and solidarity initiatives!

Endowment Fund