Performance contracts, the formalization of our support for our two handisport athletes, Yannick & Valentin

The SICAME Endowment Fund, represented by Pierre LACHAUD, President of the Endowment Fund, and Nadine VALET, Group Human Resources Director, signed the Performance Contracts for our two handisport athletes on February 2nd at the Ministry of Sports with the Minister of Sports Laura FLESSEL: Yannick IFEBE and Valentin BERTRAND. 

Sports Performance Contracts were launched in 2014 by the President of the Republic, François HOLLANDE, at the initiative of the State Secretary for Sports. They are based on a mutual commitment between the State, the company and the respective sports federations, with the aim of promoting the success of athletes in various competitions providing them with social and financial assistance. Furthermore, this scheme helps to promote talent and increase French chances of winning medals at major world events such as the Olympic Games. 

Performance contracts