‘Safety’ conferences and product training programme in Peru

Between 10 and 14 October, CATU, representative of the Safety SBU, alongside its local client PROMELSA (a Peruvian company dedicated to the sale of electrical equipment, that produces transformers for the industrial and tertiary sectors, and imports and supplies electrical products) held a series of conferences and product presentations covering all the electrical risk prevention product ranges.

Products of SBU security are:

  • Insulating electrical safety gloves and their traceability with the QRCODE

  • Flash arc equipment and their features,CATU solutions about voltage detectors HTA and HTB
  • CATU’s MV and HV voltage detector solutions

The tour was also an opportunity for organising product training sessions at Promelsa and presentations on the sites of local manufacturers and installers. Conference tours are great opportunities for the Safety SBU to gain visibility and position itself with respect to the local players and operators.



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