Seifel, Claved, Höhne, Sicame Morocco: Rural electrification in Africa, successful collaboration

Rural and urban electrification based on renewable energy is one of the major challenges for the coming decades in Africa. In this context, the SBU Distribution has provided and installed boxes and Shelters for electrification projects in a number of African countries (Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Sierra Leone). 

The project, initiated by Seifel, was joined by Höhne (the Group’s German subsidiary) in collaboration on the production of Shelters. This shows the ability of a subsidiary, that is not in the business, to adapt and above all our ability to collaborate hand in hand for a global project (the production and delivery of these Shelters to Africa). 

This real success story has enabled us to demonstrate our know-how and our ability to develop the Group’s “Shelter Business” in oDRer to meet our customers’ needs. 

In 2020, 200,000 boxes were produced and installed (half of which were assembled by Sicame Morocco), along with some forty Shelters.