Successful collaboration between NORTROLL and the Group's IoT team

Nortroll has been developing and marketing IoT products for several years now. These include networked products such as remote control systems (30% of turnover) and fault detectors using cellular GPRS modems (2G network).

The NORTROLL team, led by Terje Venseth and the SICAME IoT team led by Patrick Mortel have begun a constructive collaboration to share their experiences and know-how in order to enrich the Group's IoT product line.

NORTROLL is currently developing a new product equipped with a 4G modem. This design will be reused in other IoT products developed by the various operating units of the Group, with the support of the SICAME IoT team. This collaboration also aims to improve the competitiveness of the existing range using a "redesign to cost” approach.

A NORTROLL fault detector communicating with Lo- RaWAN will be available in 2019 and will be equipped with a LoRa modem, the design of which has been provided by the SICAME IoT team.