The test laboratory at the Pompadour site in France is growing

The new extension to the Pompadour test laboratory, LABEP, is intended to house an higher power short-circuit facility.

This extension makes it possible to carry out 80% of the Group’s tests in-house. Until now, these tests were sub-contracted, as much for HV-A accessories and strong sections as for fittings, with relatively long lead times that were becoming incompatible with the very tight deadlines demanded by the qualification process.

The new short-circuit current stand, now has increased power to reach 35 kA-30 V for 5 sec, compared to 22 kA-5 V for 5 sec. This new facility received Cofrac accreditation on 13 September 2017.

So the first tests were carried out during October 2017, particularly including 9 working days non‑stop, all the short-circuit current qualification tests for ENEDIS on the cores and shielding of new JUP-RF and D3UP- RF junctions.

The Pompadour Test Laboratory: LABEP, opened in 2011, is the first private test laboratory in its field in Europe. With nearly 1,800 m2 dedicated to tests on accessories for low and medium voltage lines, it is used to carry out all tests to qualify new products and develop future technologies. The department is split into 4 separate specific tests: environment, mechanical, electrical and underground. The facility is supplemented, outside, by 2,000 m2 set aside for long-term ageing. This laboratory is qualified by Cofrac and Asefa.