Our missions and values


Our mission in facing the challenges of energy transition

Provide people with safe energy using our reliable and innovative solutions for the transport and distribution of electrical energy around the world.

Our social values

Photo credits: Electrictiens sans Frontières

For many years, SICAME Group has clearly committed itself to social and humanitarian actions in complete alignment with its values and its mission.

Because, for us, social work helps strengthen the determination to become part of a background of solidarity and is part of a responsible approach for the common good.

In June 2016, the Group reached a new milestone with the creating of its Foundation.

Our foundation strives to continue the actions that are already in place such as support for the "electricians without borders" association, of which the vocation is to facilitate access to electricity in developing countries or the Foundation for Medical Research, a scientific body conducting medical research on serious pathologies such as Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, or neglected diseases.

The foundation also finances the integration of persons with disabilities through education, coaching and personal development, including for example therapies with horses.
Fonds de dotation

our values
Les valeurs sociales de l'entreprises
The company's social values

SICAME Group defends the fundamental values that all workers have a right to and makes sure that all of its employees benefit from them: equal opportunity, freedom choice of employment, prohibition of child labour… The group benefits from a company culture and from genuine collaborative dynamism amongst its various teams.

A member of the French ETHIC group [Entreprise de taille humaine Indépendante et de Croissance (Growing Independent Human Scale Businesses)], Sicame is committed to defending ethics in the business world: Freedom of enterprise, sustainable growth, equitable sharing of resources…


Our QSE policy

Since its creation in 1955, the quality of the products and services provided to customers is at the heart of the company's concerns. SICAME Group gives great attention to designing and producing products and services that meet the requirements of international quality standards.
The Group's quality management allows the "QSE" (Quality, Safety, Environment) departments of the subsidiaries to work together in order to constantly improve processes in a synergy of progress:
• Efficient quality management,
• Safety of persons in the workplace,
• Reduction in the environmental impacts of our activities and products.
With AFNOR Certification, a partnership agreement commits SICAME Group to working on the progressive certification of its subsidiaries around the world while still retaining the specificities of each company.

Our environmental commitments

SICAME Group has taken a sustainable development approach through increasingly effective management of the environment. In today’s world the Group’s businesses are actively working on reducing the environmental impact of their activities:
• Waste treatment,
• Waste sorting and recycling,
• Reduction in the volume of waste,
• Integration of the environmental concept as from product design...
ISO 14001 certification has become one of the priorities for the Group's subsidiaries. A certain number of these are in the process of certification or have already obtained it.