Sicame: why should you join us?


Sicame, an international benchmark in electrical energy

Joining Sicame means joining an international network. The group has 50 companies operating on the 5 continents: with Sicame, you will enter a network of local companies benchmarked in their sector of activity and more widely in electrical energy networks. Here, you can develop your expertise in the activity and region you choose, according to your skills and professional ambitions.

Encouraging innovation and skills development

Teamwork is one of the fundamental values of Sicame: exchanging experience and innovative ideas drive strategic thinking and innovation, giving rise to centres of expertise. Through continuous and constructive dialogue, Sicame employees also develop their own skills in joint attractive projects.

Formation Sicame Academy
Sicame Academy training programme

The Sicame Academy training centre places the group's expertise at the service of its customers and employees. It provides training modules in electrical accreditation: general knowledge, off-voltage working, live working, etc.

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